July 24, 2024
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The Hermès Jypsiere model begins to be an alternative to the more traditional models of the French brand.

An Hermés Jypsiere is still a jewel born from the hands of Hermès replica artisans, a unique bag in its different variants. On this occasion we analyze the characteristics of the Hermès Jypsiere bag, a mythical model that you should know.

The style of a unique bag for daily use

The Hermès Jypsiere bag has grown in the shadow of the Birkin, and other more iconic models, but with other characteristics.

The Hermès Jypsiere is the perfect bag for daily use, with a sober but very modern design, easy to carry and very useful. All women who wear a Jypsiere for the first time end up falling in love with this model, the most practical of the brand.

There are several models, but they all share similar characteristics, they are the following:

  • It is made of Clémence calfskin, a very soft and extremely resistant leather, only used for luxury bags.
  • It has an adjustable strap, with a shoulder pad that makes this bag much more comfortable.
  • All models include palladium-plated trim.
  • The dimensions are 31 cm. long, 25 cm. deep and 14 cm. wide, a perfect measure for a comfortable and practical bag.
  • Its interior hides different sections to carry everything you need during the day.
  • Each model has its variations, especially in color, but these are characteristics that you will find in any Jypsiere model.
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Jypsiere 28

Jypsiere 28

Intense red, with the classic style of the Jypsiere… and unisex. The brand itself defines this model as a unisex bag, and in fact, more and more men are choosing to carry this bag as an essential accessory. The intense red color of the Jypsiere 28 is perfect for all people looking for a complement that attracts attention, from sobriety and elegance.

Jypsiere 31

The first appearance in the Hermès collection of the Jypsiere 31 was in 1992, since then its electric blue color has been unmistakable. It is one of the most sought after Jypsiere models, since it is manufactured in a color that is very easy to combine, also perfect for night events.

A bag made to travel

It is a functional bag, made to be very easy to use, which is why the brand itself speaks of the Jypsiere as the perfect model for traveling. Based on the Birkin, undoubtedly the best-known model of the French house, the Jypsiere bag is built in a more practical way, with a very comfortable strap and a spacious interior for long days.

Hermès tells us about the perfect bag for long trips, a complement that does not go unnoticed and that is also adorned with details that make it an exclusive model.

Hermès, the bag house par excellence

Luxury replica designer bags have only one name, Hermès. The French house has been able to associate the idea of exclusivity, quality and craftsmanship with its accessories. An Hermès bag is a jewel in itself, but behind these models is the history of a mythical brand.

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Jypsiere 31

These are some of the most important Hermès milestones throughout its history:

  • 1837 Thierry Hermès founds Hermès as an artisan horse harness workshop, hence its logo.
  • 1880 The company moves to 24 Faubourd Saint-Honoré, a location it still occupies today.
  • 1920 Hermès launches one of its first jewelery bags, the Sac à Dépeches, a sober model made with the best materials.
    1930 Hermès’s first handbag, the Kelly model.
  • 1951 The French brand launches Eau d’Hermès, its first fragrance, which is still one of its best sellers today.
  • 1984 The Birkin bag is born. It is not one of the oldest models of the brand, but it is the most iconic.
  • 2012 A financial milestone that almost all European luxury companies have gone through, this year LVMH takes over 22% of the company.

The Jypsiere collection, much more than bags

The Jypsiere collection has its greatest emblem in its bags, however, this collection offers many more luxury products.

Leather bags

Bag of the best leather, with finishes assembled by hand.

shoulder bags

This collection is designed to offer unisex products; shoulder fake bags online are the perfect complement for men who are looking for a luxury bag for daily use.

X-Small bags

Hermès also designs small-format bags, which follow the shapes of the larger-format Jypsiere bags.


If you want to personalize your Jypsiere bag, you can do so, thanks to the Hermès straps in different colors and finishes.

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