May 27, 2024

An Hermès pochette is a complement of distinction. The Parisian brand has in its pochettes one of its most recognizable and classic products. Throughout many decades, these handbags have been an icon of style and luxury, in fact, many women have worn Hermès pochettes in some of the most important events of their lives.

Hermès Paris, reference accessories

Hermès fake is a luxury goods brand born in Paris in 1837. The carriage brand, as it is popularly known by its logo, was born as a luxury harness shop for the French cavalry.

The second generation of manufacturers begins to manufacture high-quality leather objects, which is worth starting to work for the Élysée Palace. Over the years, Hermès has continued to make leather goods for both the presidents of France and other leaders around the world.

The first bag that Hermès manufactured was in the year 1900 and was baptized as Haut à Courroies, it was a saddlebag adapted to the shape of saddles. Over time, Hermès Cheap Fake Bags adapted their design to that of conventional bags, although without losing the essence of one of the best European manufactures.

The evolution of Hermès has been evident, in fact, it is currently signing a Smartwatch in collaboration with Apple, which combines Silicon Valley technology with the best leather straps in the world.

What is a pochette

A pochette or pouch is a small-sized handbag, prepared to contain objects of daily use. Its masculine equivalent is the wallet, however, the shape of the pochette is more elongated than its masculine version.

A luxury clutch is a very useful accessory to carry essential objects, it is also a very sophisticated accessory, especially if it is part of the Hermès catalog collections.

Hermès clutches in the current catalog

The current Hermès pochettes are mixed with those that have already made history. Stars like Nichole Kidman, Elle Macpherson, Julianne Moore or Madonna have worn some of the Hermès handmade models, both in their classic designs and in some of their 4 current collections, which are the following.


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Based on metal, this collection offers rigid but very sober futuristic clutches, with extremely elegant pure lines. All the details of this collection, including those of the pochettes, are designed to create an accessory with classic lines.

Among the clutches in this series, the Fortunio clutch stands out, in Evercolor calfskin, which is based on a 1930s edition of the same brand. The clasp is gold-plated and has a mechanical device that allows separate access to the two compartments inside the pochette.


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Based, like the previous collection, on pure and elegant lines, although with a very different character. The designs start from a single piece and are formed like an Asian origami.

All the accessories in the Opli range are made of leather, a tribute to the material that has made the French brand famous.

The Opli collection offers various pochette designs, but perhaps the most recognizable is the Opli Pochette, which bears the same name as the collection. Details such as the silver clasp make this handbag a very special piece, in addition to its straight and extremely elegant lines.

The Opli clutch appeared for the first time in the 90s, since then its design has hardly been renewed, and this is because we are facing a modern classic, a reference since its premiere.


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Talking about Hermès accessories is talking about Bolide. Its zip closure and its profiled shape make these bags recognizable at first glance.

Bolide Hermès offers everything from maxi travel bags to clutch bags. All the accessories are made by hand with the best quality leather, a material that revalues the piece over time.

The Jige Elan clutch is one of the most recognizable accessories in the Bolide collection, in fact, it is one of the most sought-after replica designer bags in the world. Made of crocodile skin, it is available in two different versions.


The Verrou collection plays with shapes in all its bags, different colors reminiscent of summer and the sea, in the most Mediterranean version of Hermès.

The Cherche-Midi pochette is one of the most outstanding pieces of the Verrou collection. Made of Epson calfskin, the silver Chaine d’Ancre link closure and leather-lined upper part is just one of the details that make up this luxury clutch.

Inside it hides two flat pockets, in addition, its shape is designed to be able to carry it comfortably in the hand. Its first design was launched in 2004 in a color as intense as the current one, and it is an accessory that attracts attention on its own.

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