July 24, 2024

Do you look at photos from fashion shows or the outfits of fashion bloggers and feel like you’ve seen this outfit somewhere before? Nothing unusual. Fashion designers are often inspired by the styles of past decades when creating the latest collections of clothes, shoes and handbags. Many of the models of the past seasons were worn 20, but also 60 years ago.

Waist bag in the series “Sex in the City”

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You certainly remember it from markets and bazaars, as this mini bag clipped around the waist was a popular model among sellers. Athletes and followers of the streetwear style also fell in love with it. In 2018, we saw a big return of designer replica handbags in this style, and a number of not only sports handbags in this style, but also elegant models of waist bags appeared in stores. Do you think the latter version worn by bloggers in combination with heels and dresses is new? You might be surprised, but no…

Elegant waist bags were already fashionable in 2001! Surely you remember the series “Sex and the City” and Samantha Jones. In one of the parts, the main character wore a tight dress and a waist decorated with a red kidney belt.

Are you going to a party? Instead of a classic handbag, opt for a fanny pack. Thanks to this fashion accessory, you will have all the most important small things (keys, credit card or cosmetics) close at hand.

Leopard motif or crocodile skin – animal patterns on handbags

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Speaking of the “Sex and the City” series, let’s also mention the animal print handbag that Miranda wore. And since fashion is constantly repeating itself: shoes with animal motifs and “animal print” handbags are always very fashionable.

An elegant basket by Jane Birkin

We can say with an overview that baskets have been among the trendy summer handbags for several seasons.

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It is worn not only to the beach or a picnic, but also to the city. It might surprise you, but the French fashion icon Jane Birkin already wore a basket-type handbag with casual outfits in the 1960s. The British actress and singer also wore a basket with her evening outfits. Judge for yourself:

Do you know that…?

Since 1985, the fashion house Hermès has offered a handbag called the fake Birkin bag. It was created in honor of Jane Birkin, who sat next to the president of this brand while traveling by plane and told him what she expected from an ideal handbag. It is currently one of the most popular and expensive supplements on the market.

Marilyn and her bag-shaped purse

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No one needs to be convinced that Marilyn Monroe was a real trendsetter. In the 1950s and 1960s, women around the world were inspired by her. One of the purses she carried was a satchel type purse. In those days, this accessory was mainly made of fabric and decorated with lace. The star loved to combine this bag with other elements of the outfit.

As you can see, some models of handbags never go out of fashion! And if he disappears from the streets even for a while, he will definitely return to the limelight in a few years.

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