May 26, 2024

We never get tired of boho dresses. They’re light, breathable, romantic, and so effective that you’ll want to keep them on. They accentuate our femininity and definitely make us look younger – a style that really exudes youthfulness. Today we will show how to use it in everyday and unusual styles and suggest the best handbags for boho dresses.

In terms of colour, it’s easiest to pair fake designer bags with floral or ethnic prints – the color should match the color of the graphic details used (for example, a red bag would complement a dress with red poppies). Cutout bags and fringed bags are also great for bohemian looks.

The Queen of Every Summer – Floral Boho Dress


Floral patterns are one of the distinguishing features of this unusual style. They can be in the form of a single embroidery, subtly embellished, such as a sleeve, or in a broad pattern covering the entire surface of the material. A dress with full coverage in a floral print can be easily styled. So what kind of handbag goes best with a floral boho dress? First, the pattern or texture of smooth crocodile or snakeskin can be unnecessarily exaggerated. However, style should suit the occasion. For a formal event, such as a wedding, the handbag should be small and dainty – messenger bags and clutches are perfect. On the other hand, shopping bags and handbags usually go well with boho dresses. These styles have a loose fit that is perfect for a breezy bohemian look.

Handbags and floral skirts also need color matching. It’s an easy task – it can be colored to match that of the floral pattern. If blue cornflowers – blue. In the case of pink dahlias – pink. What we mean by color can even be as small as a leaf or a stamen.

Bohemian Lace Dress Bag


Another suggestion for bohemian style is dresses made entirely of lace or inlaid lace. Garments made using them are known for their elegance and elegance, which is why they are perfect for “big outings” – weddings, dates or parties. Lace dresses, like those with flowers, are spectacular in their own right, so you don’t need to choose overly expressive accessories for them. Plain replica bags online or bags with small decorations will do. For example, our suggestion is a crossbody bag with a cutout pattern on the lapel or a chain instead of a belt. Dresses with frilly lace also go well with handbags with floral prints.

Boho dress bag with tassels


Tassels are a detail characteristic of bohemian style. They appear on everything: handbags, shoes, belts, earrings. In the case of boho dresses, they are most often used as a hem facing or as a cord protruding from the neckline hem. The choice of handbags with this shape depends on its material and color, whether it is smooth or decorated with colorful patterns. A good option is, for example, a messenger bag with tassels – this combination of details gives the entire ensemble a stylish look and proves that all elements were chosen with care.

Patterned boho dress – what color is the bag?


Patterned boho dresses are also often made from materials with ethnic motifs. This is one of the distinguishing features of this style: bohemian generally refers to oriental culture. Ethnic motifs take the form of Aztec rhombuses, African circles or Arabic mosaics and are always characterized by expressive, vibrant colours. A handbag for a boho dress with an ethnic pattern should primarily correspond to this color scheme. As in the case of flowers, it can correspond to the color of one of the theme elements – this is the easiest way to match the color of stylization and accessories.

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