May 26, 2024

Just as plain bags are in the market now, handbags with patterns also know how to get out of their own predicament! Over time, major leather goods brands have introduced elegant prints that are sometimes sought after, as are the styles of certain luxury bags. You probably know Louis Vuitton’s famous Damier? Let us introduce you to other major patterns and prints in the world of leather goods and expand the range of possibilities when shopping for your future handbag!

Star prints

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Louis Vuitton

As Hermès’ Birkin or Chanel’s Timeless need no introduction, certain star motifs are part of the brand’s history. This is the case with Louis Vuitton’s famous Damier Ébène and Monogram LV canvases, designed by the brand’s founder Louis Vuitton and his son Georges. A true hallmark of the leather goods brand, they still adorn the must-have Speedy or Neverfull bags to this day. Recently joined are equally famous revisited versions, such as the Damier Azur canvas or the Monogram Multicolore canvas, which are also the subject of coveted limited editions: Stephen Sprouse’s graffiti decoration or Takashi Murakami’s cherry.

If Coco Chanel didn’t create tweed and houndstooth, she largely contributed to imprinting these patterns on posterity. Today, they still appear on iconic bags from Parisian labels such as the Timeless, as well as vintage Chanel replica bags. Accessories adorned in this way have become a trademark: while other haute couture houses also use tweed and houndstooth, one immediately thinks of Chanel!

Monogram prints

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Monogram prints have a special place in the world of luxury leather goods. And for good reason: it evokes all the expertise and experience of the brand and represents a coat of arms that we are proud of!

Among the most famous monograms, Fendi’s double F owes much to its creator, the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld. We love its brown version on vintage Mamma Baguette replica bags online and more recently in multicolored or light gray fabrics.

Equally vivid, Gucci’s monogrammed print pays homage to its founder, Guccio Gucci, with its initials inverted and encircled by tiny links for a geometric effect. On Ophidia bags and Dionysus clutches, beige and ebony GG canvas is often complemented by the brand’s typical green-red-green bands. Sometimes paired with the signature Gucci horsebit, sometimes with a double G embossed leather version, the GG motif remains popular with fans of Gucci bags.

At Dior, the 2000s star of the slanted monogram is making a wardrobe comeback. Used by John Galliano on the iconic Saddle bag, or highlighted thanks to the embossing on the Lady Dior leather, the pattern has this vintage feel that makes it so charming.

Wink Prints and Patterns

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In fashion, nothing is accidental! Prints are no exception, often hiding a nod to the brand’s history beneath their impeccable aesthetic.

Evidence is Gucci’s famous floral print, which beautifully adorns the brand’s large totes and chain bags. Inspired by a Botticelli painting, it was created in the 1960s for Grace Kelly who came to the Gucci store in Milan to buy a Bamboo bag. Knowing his love for silk scarves, Rodolfo Gucci asked an artist to create a style just for the Princess of Monaco. The Flora pattern is now highly sought after and is a true symbol of elegance and femininity.

Toile de Jouy is not the imagination of Christian Dior, but a special bond connects it with the Dior brand. In the 1940s, the French couturier opened his boutique on Avenue Montaigne in Paris and sought to create an elegant décor there that would help him establish his brand image. A friend of his suggested that he cover the walls with de Jouy calico: a legend was born. Over time, it has been adopted by various artistic directors as a signature of the house, and is now prominently displayed on Dior bags, especially the highly regarded Dior Book Tote.



Vintage has never been so consistent! Designers have also followed this trend, mining the past from the archives of major brands, drawing inspiration, and creating very fashionable prints.

Such is the case with Gucci, whose style has always been a clever blend of modernity and tradition. If you’re familiar with Italian Maison’s “Bee and Star” print, which brings together intricate illustrations of bees and stars, you probably know it was inspired by the ’70s collection. Redesigned and updated for the taste of the times, it pays homage to the bee, a symbol of nobility in history. Do you like the vintage side of this now famous print?

The Triomphe print represents a luxury jewel, drawn from the sketches of the brand’s founder, Céline Vipiana. It was inspired by the chain links that wrap around the monument to create this double C motif. Used as the clasp on some vintage Celine replica handbags cheap, the Double C is redesigned by Hedi Slimane to produce the Triomphe print. The latter subtly embodies the “French” identity of the Celine bag.

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