May 27, 2024
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Caring for your Leather bags is just as important as caring for your shoes and skin. Leather bags tend to dry out a bit over time, especially if they have been used in inclement weather. If you’re good at caring for your leather properly, you’ll have a great bag that will last you a lifetime or even generations to come. Leather always ages a little over the years and takes on a slightly rough look, but that’s why we love Leather bags. Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to keep your bag looking great all year round.

We recommend that you can buy 2 products to handle our Leather bags. One is a leather conditioner for leather bags, which protects and impregnates, and the other is a velvet spray for suede fake designer bags.


When it comes to leather care, your first consideration is the type of leather you are dealing with. On our FakeBags site, we mainly sell replica bags from luxury brands, so leather, suede, and some with fur. If you are not sure what you are buying, the type of leather is stated in the product name.

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Leather: Should be lubricated with a neutral leather conditioner, followed by a neutral impregnating spray. Remember to make sure the bag is dry before spraying. This prevents any stains from seeping into the leather, thus protecting it. Light-colored bags should be sprayed more often than dark-colored bags, as they absorb dirt and color from other clothes more easily. When spraying, you should start from an inconspicuous area to prevent too much conditioner on the sponge. It is best to spray a little at a time, a small amount and multiple times.

Suede: should be sprayed with a neutral impregnating spray. Remember to keep a distance of 25-35 cm when spraying. Suede is very sensitive and if you get a stain, try to remove it with a brush or eraser first. Use a clean, slightly damp cloth if necessary. If it does get oily, a little potato flour will soak it up, but be careful! As a last resort, if the bag gets very dirty, you can also throw the bag in the washing machine and use wool detergent and Milo detergent, but at your own risk.

With fur: Spray with a neutral impregnating spray. If stained, use a brush or a clean damp cloth.


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Leather should never be stored in plastic as it cannot breathe and will lock the moisture inside. Use cloth replica handbags and store suede separately. Fill the bag with cloth or paper to keep the bag in its original shape.

Appropriate use

If the weather outside is bad, you should consider whether to change the bag. If the bag is soaked by rain and snow, please dry it with paper as soon as possible to avoid getting wet. Empty the bag and leave it in a room at room temperature to dry, preferably with the paper stuffing inside as well. Avoid placing it near heaters or air conditioners as this can cause the leather to crack and dry out. Try not to touch the bag without washing your hands and applying hand cream and oil.

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