July 24, 2024

Which small handbag to choose to complement your outfit?


The overall tone of footwear and clothing is critical. Do you work in an office with a dress code and go there in heels and a suit? Then choose an elegant but functional type that you can also adapt to the A4 format. You’re walking around town and need some change for an ice cream? Going for a smaller type, you can choose less luxurious materials, fabric or leather will suffice. If you plan on carrying your bag around the hospital, office, cinema and swimming pool – then go for the oversized bags – they are available in simple and more elegant designs. Maxi bags will also be appreciated by mothers or students who usually carry diapers/books and are best kept in one piece of luggage. Every woman should own a black handbag. Handbags of this type are characterized by their small size and are suitable for theater, prom and more festive occasions. Small handbags are a special category, and this includes things like briefcases and shoulder bags. Elegance is also closely associated with high-quality materials. Leather designer replica handbags are a great choice that never disappoints.

What bag to wear to a wedding?


Today, wedding ceremonies are varied. While some have a classic wedding at the altar of a town hall or church, other couples experiment and choose mountaintops, beaches, exotic destinations, and more. First, ask the groom or bride what the local dress code is and what they recommend. Choose your handbag accordingly. A traditional, elegant wedding requires more formal types, ie small handbags, black handbags, purses, briefcases. If the celebration is less formal, at the beach, in the forest or on top of a mountain, choose the handbag according to the location. A handbag must go with shoes, so when you think of shoes, prepare an outfit, shoes, handbag, accessories. There are also traditional wedding rules that are worth following. Only the bride wears a white dress, and the wedding can be all one color. It’s usually pink, old pink, baby blue, yellow – all according to the taste of the newlyweds. Respect these recommendations, even if you’re not looking for an exotic party.

Handbag care


You should take care of your handbag like you take care of your shoes. Choose the type of impregnation according to the material, and clean dirty handbags gently and carefully. Pay more attention to leather handbags, they have some kind of protective filter while being breathable. Disinfection is everywhere these days, but be careful. Chemicals can cause irreversible damage to your items, so it’s best to purchase products directly from a handbag or shoe store.

Some final advice. A small black tote and a large one for everyday wear are absolute basics. Find other pieces according to your own tastes, tastes and occasions. There are elegant, functional and sporty pieces. The bolder can try colorful handbags or more luxurious pieces. Price can also tell you something about quality, but there is no equivalent between expensive and good. Welcome to our FakeBags website, we sell high-quality fake bags online, come and enrich your wardrobe!

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