May 26, 2024

Many women’s hearts beat faster when they see it: Hermès bags. Every year only a lucky few get to own a Birkin or Kelly bag. Because for the desired object, there is a waiting list, and the waiting time is about two years. We wanted to know what was so special about these bags, so we visited the Hermès workshops. Handbags are made by master craftsmen.

Hermès: handcrafted from start to finish

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Hermès handbags are handmade. It has been meticulously crafted from start to finish by master craftsmen. Of course, only the best materials are used. Fine cow or pig hides, as well as ostrich, crocodile or iguana skins are sourced from around the world and tanned and dyed according to ancient traditions in our own leather tannery and dyer. Leather processed in this way is first brought to warehouses. Here, contremaitres, masters of leather, make their personal choices based on the model they want to achieve. This pre-selection requires a lot of experience, a keen sense of touch and a very good eye, since the characteristics of the selected leather play a large role in the high value of the Hermès fake bag.

Hand-sewn harness

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For example, the crocodile leather bag only uses the middle part of the abdomen and the lower part of the head and tail. For calfskin products, masters use the center part, flanks and neck area of the hide. Leather pieces can be cut in two ways: with the help of cutting models and cutting knives, or with a leather press. After cutting, the actual production of the handbag begins. After the leather is stretched, the lining and covering leather are prepared and the various leather parts are assembled. All parts are then assembled using the famous all-hand saddle stitching method. Then the side parts are machined, the breech is installed and fine work is done.

In the production room, there are thousands of exclusive leather materials for leather goods masters to choose to make Hermès replica bags. The leather used by Hermès is carefully selected by experts and quality control is carried out to make Hermès bags. The lining of the bag is made of lambskin or calfskin, and occasionally linen is also used for travel bags.

The Making of Hermès Bags

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The leather cover is sewn using the so-called saddle-stitching method: two needles are used to pass the threads through the hand-punched holes and cross them in the holes. Extraordinary power is achieved in this way. Hermès uses only beeswax-coated linen thread for sewing, Hermès buckles are made in the company’s own silversmith workshop, and the gold-plated 18-carat Hermès bags are made.

It takes 15 to 20 hours of work to complete a single Hermès bag. This of course has its price. You pay about 5,000 euros for a Birkin. But beware: there are fakes, too. Therefore, it is better to come to our FakeBags website to buy fakes at a high price. We have a variety of classic and retro fake quality bags on our website, allowing you to spend the least money to buy your favorite bags.

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