May 27, 2024

The most well-known brands have their own logo, simple and easy to remember. This is the case for the famous luxury brand Gucci. The Gucci symbol is an extremely sought-after icon in the fashion world. A mere glimpse of this double G emblem illustrated on a handbag or a pair of sunglasses can leave a viewer with a serious desire to own products from this brand.

How can a simple logo create so much excitement?

The creation of the Gucci brand

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In the 1910s, Guccio Gucci worked as a luggage porter at the Savoy Hotel in London, where he had the opportunity to study the tastes and mores of the nobility and high society. Every day, he sees a clientele arriving there carrying quality luggage.

After learning all he could about the porter’s craft, Gucci replica began making high-end suitcases himself. From his experience as a luggage carrier, he knew exactly which materials to use to create his products. The quality of its leather suitcases is exceptional. This is what will allow him to become the famous creator that we know today. At the time, the company worked without its own brand and therefore had no official visual identity.

In 1933 Aldo Gucci, one of Guccio Gucci’s sons, joined his father in the company and worked on designing the brand’s logo. Aldo then invents the emblem which is now known throughout the world. The son of the founder decides to combine the two identical letters of his father’s initials, GG meaning Guccio Gucci, because placed side by side and intertwined, they coincide successfully. For the time, the curvature of the logo is perfect since it symbolizes both modernity and refinement while being sober. The logo is then printed on luggage, small leather goods and replica bags online.

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At first, the logo was located next to the Gucci name, then it completely replaced it. Thanks to its sobriety, the logo managed to attract attention and remained engraved in the memory of all those who heard of Gucci. The emblem turned out to be so attractive that it not only attracted attention, but has never changed since its inception. It has always remained minimalist, elegant, refined, testifying to the impeccable taste of the customers who choose the products of this fashion house.

The emblem has appeared mostly in black and white over the years, with a few gold versions as well. The variations of the Gucci logo in gold – even though black was very popular for its elegance – were more numerous in order to position themselves a little more on the flashy luxury market.

Since 1933, the Gucci logo has changed very little. Its shape, the two Gs accompanied by the name of the company, has remained unchanged even if a few “flexibilities” have been authorized to adapt to uses in the world of clothing and leather goods.

The Gucci logo in different typologies

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The iconic symbol is one of the most recognizable emblems in the world, and it now appears on countless luxury Gucci handbags fake products. The logo acts as a seal of approval for what many consider to be the most fashionable clothing and accessories.

Subsequently, there have been countless styles around this logo. Especially with red-green-red, the bee motif, the snake or even the Flora collection.

The Flora collection

This collection was created by Rodolf Gucci, Aldo’s brother for Charlotte Casiraghi, Grace of Monaco’s granddaughter. It was a tailor-made gift, offered following the purchase of the mythical Bamboo Vert bag in his shop in Milan. The new muse thus crowns a perfect collaboration, symbolizing the Gucci woman with an equestrian aesthetic, between tradition, modernity, strength, luxury and glamour. This adds a new logo to the Gucci collection.

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