July 24, 2024

In spring and summer, when we can afford a greater dose of freedom in combining outfits, we like to exchange classic and leather handbags for handbags made of straw. They will be suitable not only for the beach, but also for everyday wear! See what outfits they will go best with.

Straw handbags – a trend from the 70s

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Knitted handbags – made of straw, wicker, polyrattan or raffia – are not new to fashion. They appeared on the street almost 50 years ago, and a great role in their popularity was played by the legendary actress, singer and undisputed fashion icon – Jane Birkin.

Even in the 70s, large and small straw handbags became a symbol of the hippie subculture, from which the current boho style drew heavily. They will look ideal in combination with a breathable and light maxi dress and shoes with a wedge heel, but not only with them. What else can you wear this accessory with?

Knitted handbags for summer – what to combine them with?

Let’s start from the beginning – a straw handbag is an accessory reserved mainly for everyday and casual outfits. It will not be suitable for events that tend to be in the summer, such as weddings or special occasions.

However, this does not mean that knitted fake bags will only be suitable for the beach. They will be an ideal addition to an outfit for a meeting with friends, a date or even to work, if there is no formal dress code. They will look perfect with a white shirt and jeans, as well as with floral dresses and white linens. This way you will create a great holiday and girly outfit!

If you like matching handbags and shoes, then combine woven basket-type handbags with espadrilles with a characteristic sole made of laces or jute.

Variety of straw handbags for summer

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Are you afraid that the handbag made of this material will not meet your expectations? The straw model is characterized by diversity. For example, among the designer’s products you can find classic large baskets, shopping handbags or shopping bags, knitted crossbody bags and even straw clutches. In recent seasons, various luxury brands have also launched their own straw bags. The Dior replica Wicker pictured here is carefully woven from willow wicker through traditional handwork. It is a classic fashion piece and shows Dior’s exquisite craftsmanship. The interior features a blue Oblique print pouch with patch pocket and drawstring closure. Inspired by the house’s signature Book Tote bag, the same strap is decorated with “CHRISTIAN DIOR” logo embroidery. With embroidered wide shoulder strap, it can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body.

The Fendi replica tote bag in the other picture is hand-woven with beige raffia material, and the central embroidery is embellished with the brand logo. The bag is minimalist and super-packable, and it is the most rustic handbag in the spring and summer series. You can also choose from different shapes of straw replica designer bags according to your preferences – round, rectangular or classic.

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