May 27, 2024

Adored by thousands of women, worn every day, in hundreds of clothing combinations, bags are an essential accessory for every woman, occupying a special place in the list of preferences. Considering that bags are a different kind of art because they come in various shapes, colors and have some of the most surprising details – the great designers demonstrate it with their creations.

Bags have always been a practical element, but also a status symbol. The more decorated it was, the richer the wearer was considered. During the aristocracy, the bag was small, like a purse, rather worn on the wrist. They were necessary to have perfumed powder, especially money, jewelry or perfumes, given that the problem of personal hygiene prevailed at that time. Only at the end of the century. XVII bags also appear that seem to be closer to the ones we have and admire today.

Embroidered bags

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Embroidered and decorated bags were popular in the century. XVIII. Immediately after the railways became an increasingly accessible means of transport, because women needed replica designer bags suitable for travel, new models appeared. A real revolution of the gentiles that also emphasized functionality. Even now, leather bags and briefcases are appearing for those who work.

And the rate of evolution of these accessories continues to surprise. After the First World War, women are more libertine, they can travel more and the fashion of the times is the envelope-type bag, carried in the hand. Also in this period, the striking thing is that preferences for coordination between the outfit and the bag in terms of color begin to appear. The range of colors and materials that were used to make jeans is growing at a fast pace. Around the 1930s, the famous bag models that we still have on the market were already appearing.

Once with the Second World War, the utility of Bags begins to be of major interest. Now is the time for epaulettes in a special way, the simple and rigid ones like those of soldiers, without decorations. It was a necessity to adapt to the context. But in the 50s, the feminine style returns and this accessory becomes more popular. In other words, now is the time to say that bags had earned their must-have status, thanks to the elegant styles created by big brands: Hermès fake, Chanel or Dior fake.

Bags from modern times

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Nowadays we talk more casually about gentile fashion. Established models from big fashion houses are still wanted. In the modern era we are talking about handbags replica defined by mobility. Adapted bags, intended for the male audience, are also popular.

These accessories are in step with the evolution of society, they evolve at the same pace as the big fashion and design houses and we could say at the same time as technology. Now we are talking about the necessity of the modern woman, who breaks out of the stereotypes, about the one who does not let herself be intimidated by multiple tasks, the active one, who is not limited to being a housewife. She is versatile, dynamic, a career woman and needs the right bags for every mood, for every context in which she will find herself.

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