May 27, 2024
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One of the bag brands that have been famous for a long time and have a unique identity must be the LOUIS VUITTON bag. Today we will discuss why Louis Vuitton is a bag brand that many people want to own. Let’s read together.

Unique pattern

Because there were no machines to embroider before. So the pattern is purely hand-embroidered. And brands do not want their products to be easily imitated by other brands. Therefore, the pattern must be designed as a monogram, which is a pattern formed by repeated overlapping letters, which also helps the brand to be more distinctive.

  • LV brand abbreviation
  • The central flower is a curved rhombus.
  • 4 petals
  • the circle
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The material is durable and of good quality

Generally speaking, the brand uses CANVAS leather as the main material for production. And using a special technique invented by Louis fake handbags cheap to make the bag sparkle. As for the zipper, it is easy to open and close, and it is not easy to get stuck. It has a lining to keep items stored and found easily.

Available in many styles

Because it is a brand known for its durability, the material is good but light in weight. So perfect for any occasion, you can wear it for a leisurely walk or a formal event and look equally elegant.

Celebrities love to use

Truly a good product, who would pay a little more but get something that lasts a long time, right? Louis Vuitton is one of those pieces that celebrities use. Because this brand is known for its luxury, there are not a few celebrities who have used this brand of replica lv bags since the past, such as Princess Audrey Hepburn of the Hollywood Golden Age, Queen Eugenie de Montijo and so on.

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Buy sell sell good price

Louis Vuitton fake pays attention to every production process and is meticulous, never discounting its products. Cause a lot of people who are interested in the brand want to own more bags, making it already a high value, plus as the market demand increases, Louis Vuitton will start to increase prices in February 2022, if which one If it is hard to find, the price will definitely increase exponentially.

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