May 26, 2024
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When it comes to branded replica bags popular among women of their grandparents’ generation, many of you may be familiar with the name Chanel. Today we will talk about the advantages of the CHANEL bag that everyone has always accepted, and how it has become the leading bag in the fashion market.

This is a bag that never ends

Creative and designed by Gabrielle Boner Chanel, Founder of the House of Chanel. It was adapted from the uniform she was studying in the orphanage at the time, and the fake bags online of that era were not suitable for carrying, so she changed it to a back-carry bag to increase the convenience of use and break the tradition of bags at that time. Chanel’s unique rectangular lock “MADEMOISELLE LOCK” has attracted a lot of attention and has been appreciated by users from all walks of life. From celebrities, influencers, businessmen to royal figures such as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Diana, Princess of Wales. Therefore, the brand has been popular to this day.

Every step is meticulous

replica bags

Did you know that the production of each bag requires 180 processes by artisans who have been trained for 5 years to make a real bag? The production takes at least 15 hours in the ateliers of ATELIERS DE VERNEUIL-EN-HALETTE. The material used to make the bag is grained calfskin. Or premium caviar leather that has been minimally tanned to preserve its natural softness. It is stitched with Chanel’s signature diamond pattern. Then place the design on the leather, cut out the different parts of the bag, and cross stitch a C on the leather, which will appear under the inside of the flap.

Place 2 bags on a flat surface and turn them inside out. When stacked together until it becomes a single piece, then use the pocket stacking technique. Then punch an eyelet in the bag to insert the chain and attach the Mademoiselle lock. When the process of making the bag is complete, the brand will bring the bag back to check the details before sending it to the store for sale. In general, it is considered that the brand pays attention to every aspect of production in order to maintain a good standard and ensure the confidence of customers. It will not be easily damaged, but it also depends on how each person’s bag is maintained.

Suitable for practical use

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If ever a woman feels like she bought a bag and it didn’t work as intended, it’s definitely not a Chanel replica bag. Because the brand knows and pays attention to every detail in order to use the best products for women. For example, I made lipstick compartments, business card compartments, and cosmetic boxes. There is a small compartment for money on the back, which is a compartment that is often taken. The bag is made of garnet skin, which is convenient for finding things. Thus began the production of the shoulder bag, which has become the most popular bag today.

Dress for every style

Although the Chanel bag has become a symbol of celebrities or business circles, it needs to be dressed up to look elegant and formal, but in fact CHANEL replica designer bags can be matched with a variety of outfits. Whether it is a blazer style, a street style or an ANIMAL PRINT style, all emphasize the gorgeous patterns of animal prints. Perfectly cut with the pattern on the Chanel bag.

There are various collections to choose from

Although new models are produced and released according to the times, many classic bags are still produced and sold. Such as CHANEL CLASSIC, CHANEL COCO, CHANEL BOY BAG, CHANEL 2.55, CHANEL WOC and so on. Because the price of bags is adjusted every year, or you are even overwhelmed by the charm of CHANEL, our Fake Bags, which are easy to buy and have a variety of styles, are also interesting.

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