April 20, 2024

Lady Diana inspires Dior

In 1995, Lady Diana was expected for the inauguration of an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. For this occasion, the wife of the President of the Republic wishes to make a unique gift to Princess Diana.

Bernadette Chirac then contacted the Maison Dior to create a bag in honor of Diana.

The Maison Dior then offers a black bag, the Chouchou model, which will change its name and become the Princess model. Lady Diana will wear this bag at many events and it will quickly become the it-bag of the moment. The iconic bag will then be marketed under the Lady Dior name and sold more than 200,000 copies.

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Lady Dior is a handbag using the graphic codes of Dior handbags fake, it is most often decorated with a cane motif, inspired by the Napoleon III chairs where Christian Dior installed the guests of his haute couture shows and the back of the neo-modern medallion armchair. Louis XV, two pieces of furniture present in Dior’s private mansion on avenue Montaigne since 1947.

This bag, made up of one hundred and forty-four pieces in total, is rectangular, rigid, with the four gold or silver D-I-O-R letters hanging from the handle as well as the Maison logo, and is available in different materials and techniques (leather, velvet , microfiber, satin, jeans, python, crocodile, tweed, jacquard…) and in several sizes. Faced with the success of the first years, the brand will eventually set up around 2002 a marking in the form of a serial number (non-existent on the first models).

And today ?

The Lady Dior replica is still one of Dior’s best-selling models and a popular model with buyers. It has been declined with different materials and colors from the original (leather, canvas, etc.).

The Lady Dior eventually became as famous as its owner.

The secrets of making Lady Dior

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Each model can have up to 140 different parts. Indeed, on a Lady Dior we find leather inserts, but also metal elements and finally the four charms (D, I, O, R) attached to the handle of the bag.

These charms refer to the charms that Christian Dior always had in his pocket.

One of the latest versions of the Lady Dior replica bags online was released for the fall-winter 2020 collection and is the velvet Lady Light.

Another model is presented during the Cruise 2021 collection, the size of which is inspired by models from the Jacquemus brand.

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