May 27, 2024

Dior is considered one of the most famous luxury fashion houses in the world. Because no matter where you go, no one will not know this brand. Of course, it is a fashion brand specially designed for femininity, whether it is bags, clothes, cosmetics, or even perfumes and other categories of products. If I were to name 3 fashion brands, it would definitely be named, and Dior replica would definitely appear. Today, let us take you to know more about this brand. Dior’s most popular items are recommended for you. Don’t wait, come and see.

Where is Dior from?

The origin of this brand comes from a Frenchman named Christian Dior, who was a fashion designer. Born in Normandy, he has a good taste in fashion design clothes, including artistic taste. That said, while not specifically studying art and design, he previously studied political science. Because his talent in costume design goes far beyond that. Later, his life changed drastically. Whether it was a world war, including suffering from tuberculosis, when the recovery was completed, Dior also began to enter the fashion world, contracting to design hats and clothing for high fashion houses, and the response and popularity were even better. Shortly thereafter, Dior developed and designed its own products. , also has various collections. It has become an international fashion leader until today, and its unique use of design and sewing has maintained the characteristics of the Dior brand until today.


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Dior’s TOTE bag is considered a popular item because it can be used in various shapes and styles. Quite unique, the bag features blue Dior Cheap Fake Bags Oblique embroidery and the iconic “CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS” signature on the front. It’s such an easy-to-use package that anyone can use it. Importantly, it can hold a lot of things. This version is embroidered in blue Dior twill. The bag measures 36.5 x 28 x 17.5 cm.


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The design of this bag is inspired by the luxury saddle. The unique shoulder-carrying design creates a stylish and luxurious look, and there is a CD logo on each strap. Bag in black goat style with gold hardware. It can be said that luxury has been added to the highest level.


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This wallet model is also quite popular. Available in black, gray and blue, this blue version is a cornflower Dior replica bags online oblique jacquard, strikingly beautiful. with gold metal parts hanging There are 4 card slots, 1 zipper pocket, complete and meets the needs of use. For girls who are looking for a cute wallet, say that this Dior model is great.


Another popular handbag from Dior that offers outstanding luxury, sweet lady style. and has elegance in itself Crafted from latte lambskin with Cannage stitching, its quilted texture stands out. Soft calf leather interior There is something hanging in front of the bag to add a gimmick to look elegant and stylish.

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